Force 4 Fashion To Reckon With Fashion / General talk / Gossip

The upcoming Star Wars movie has electrified more than a few hearts with promises of jaw dropping visuals, thrilling reveals and of course, light saber fights. Now though, it would seem that the movie is going to move even more hearts through the Force 4 Fashion event which is meant to represent fashion synergy in the form of designers taking Star Wars themes and making...

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Fashion And Business Bridged By Imran Amed Fashion / General talk / Gossip

Fashion is a business, one that has garnered billions of dollars thanks to the millions that buy the latest products dictated by the industry as stylish. Having said that, this arrangement actually involves separate parties when it comes to handling the Fashion side and the Business side as those who work on one does not necessarily understand the other. This can be particularly inconvenient for...

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Behind The Lens; Fashion Party Photography Fashion / General talk / Gossip

Fashion parties are composed of a lot of elements, but photographers are probably among the most indispensable of these. Without photographers, the world would not be able to see what goes on in these events and wouldn’t be able to appreciate their value. Make no mistake either as photographers go to these events for work instead of simply joining in the fun. To know what...

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3-7-14? Fashion / General talk / Gossip / Lifestyle

Shopping can be a bit of a touchy subject for a lot of us. On the one hand, it is one of our most beloved choices of making us feel better when we’re down. Nothing like going to the nearest chic boutique to pick out shoes, accessories or bags that we like to blow away those workplace, love life or family blues. However, there are...

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Kate Bosworth’s Instagram Offers Awesome Style Tips! Fashion / General talk / Gossip

Kate Bosworth is one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood and her fashion sense translates to greatness on red carpets and showbiz events. You can find plenty of examples of how amazing her tastes are littered all over her Instagram account as well. In fact, we will be taking a few of them so that we can derive a few awesome style tips from...

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Tips From The Amazing Garance Doré Fashion / General talk / Gossip

Garance Doré is one of those people that you can’t ever look away from once she already has you in her grasp, mostly because she has a knack of taking your breath away with her works. Today, we will be sharing some tips and thoughts from about various things, particularly on the matter of being a perfectionist. She also wrote a book called Love Style...

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